Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hello KKK.

I try not to swear to often but this is BULLSHIT.  American groups criticizing the building of a Mosque near ground zero is one thing.  The part that really gets me is when they start to plan the burning of the Koran, or when they decide to burn and vandalize Mosques around the nation. What could possibly be going through these pastors and radical Christian minds?  Have they truly stooped to the level of the terrorists that destroyed the World Trade Centers back in 2001?  That is all they are. They are a modern day KKK that now targets Islams in America and around the world.  The middle east thinks we hate them, and I guess they were damn right.  What horrible society have we created that refuses to see each side of a situation. What blind, corrupted, and stupid society believes that a peaceful practice is supporting the enemy.  What society is ignorant enough to pass up peace when it is offered to us.I hate that I am going to be part of the next generation that discriminated against people not for their color but for their beliefs.

       "We are Americans, too," he said. "We are doctors. We are investment bankers. We are taxi drivers.       We are store keepers. We are lawyers. We are... part of the fabric of America."
 -Feisal Abdul Rauf a Mosque supporter

I do not claim any religion and I see how fucked up you all are.

good job America

The original story can be found here on BBC News:


Garrett W said...

I totally have to agree with you there. I guess just because there are a few thousand religiou extremists in the world that somehow means that any adherent of the religion (totaling over a billion around the world) is guilty or is an extremist.

I would also say that while the group has every right to build the Islam Community Center and I wouldn't mind it, I can also see how someone who had a friend or family member who died in the attack could be offended.

However, to stoop to violence or threats of violence is just ridiculous and crosses the line, and actually makes them the extremists in the situation.

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